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I am a firm believer in the fact that healthy relationships have healthy, active sex lives.   With three kids, sometimes it’s not always easy to find the time, let alone the mojo to get the deed done.  I literally have to force myself to be in the mood sometimes but I do it because I know that once I’m all hot and bothered, I’ll really be enjoying myself.  And seriously?  Is there an EASIER way to make your husband happy?  I think not.

One of our favorite things is the Everlasting Love Lube by Slumber Parties.  This stuff is so slippery and wonderful that it makes foreplay enjoyable and the final act worthy of a standing ovation.  We discovered it when I was on bed rest for 3 months.  Kyle wasn’t about to pretend like he didn’t still have needs so we found something that we both enjoyed.  We got him a little toy too but I’ll leave that to the imagination.

I also love that they have plus-sized lingerie.    I haven’t always been plus-sized but I never did feel very sexy in lingerie.  I can honestly say that if you find something that FITS, you will feel so sexy and sultry.  You can pick some up for extra cheap if you win the $20 gift card.

So anyways, enough from me.  I want to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine from my hometown of Juneau, Alaska.  She is a Slumber Parties Diva and wants to hook YOU up with some fun prizes.  I asked her a few questions about her business and sex in general that she so kindly answered below.  Our giveaway is SO easy to enter, just use the form at the bottom, then cross your fingers (but not your legs) and hope that the Mighty Rafflecopter picks YOU!

Without further ado….

How long have you been doing Slumber Parties?
5years, I started June 1, 2006
What made you want to get involved in the business?
After talking to a lady that was already involved with Slumber Parties in Utah, I realized the potential not only financially but personally. I live in Juneau, AK, population 30,000. There are lots of other home party businesses here, but nothing like this! Being able to show products in the privacy of a home, answer questions and for women to see, smell, taste and touch products before they buy was very attractive.
What is your favorite thing about doing Slumber Parties?
Meeting women from 18-75, to date, the oldest lady that has attended my party was 75. Also, educating women, there is so much that women don’t know about their bodies. I get to teach ladies new ways to communicate with their partners and how to keep things fun and exciting. I have made life long friendships that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Slumber Parties.
What would you say is the biggest misconception about Slumber Parties?
That its dirty and all about sex toys. I pride myself in providing a safe, educational, fun party. If I can do this in front of my mom, I can do a party in front of any woman. We have the best shave cream and body oils I’ve ever come across. What is said and asked at a party stays at the party. Ordering is done in a private room and you get your order the night of the party. I personally carry about $3000 worth of stock to every party.
When I hosted a Party, I once had a girl say to me that her husband was so good in bed that he didn't need any    help. Do you find that that's a common thought?   If so, what are your thoughts on that line of thinking?
It’s not a matter of ‘needing help’. Toys aren’t just for women that are in relationships with men that can’t get them to climax or single women. Men are very visual and sometime bringing a toy into the bedroom is more of a visual stimulation than anything. Lots of men are also very against bringing toys into the bedroom because they feel as if they are going to be replaced. Not at all. Once again, its spices up the romance and helps with communication.
How has Slumber Parties affected your relationship with your husband?
I started with Slumber Parties 6 months after I got married. My husband helps with labeling product, sorting product and taking all my bags out to the car before I go to a party. He is very involved with the business. He loves when the new products come out because that means ” MARKET RESEARCH”! Gotta know the products in order to sell them. I think it has been a good addition to our marriage, and he loves that it brings in so much additional income without a lot of extra work.
You have kids. How do you feel about their exposure to your Slumber Parties stuff?
I have 3 teenagers, 17 & 16 year old girls and a 14 year old boy. My children know about the business and they realize that Mom helps keep marriages together and helps women feel good about themselves. My children are well educated. I would rather them get the correct information about sex from me than someone trying to get in their pants (for my girls), my boy, I want him to understand about respecting women.
What is your favorite Slumber Parties product and why?
Wow! Tough question…….I’d have to say the Body Dew. It is the best moisturizing oil I have ever used, not greasy at all. I take a shower, leave it outside of my shower, spritz it on while I’m still wet, towel dry and I’m good to go for the day. The best part, no more mosquito bites or no-see-um bites. It has carnation oil in it and that is toxic to mosquitos and no-see-ums. Here in Alaska we have a lot of those. My husband and son use it as well, Vanilla Passion is their scent of choice. We also have Tropical Breeze and Strawberry Champagne. The Body Dew also has pheromones in it which helps with headaches, PMS and stress
What do you want my followers to know about Slumber Parties?
If you are looking at making easy money with a low initial investment, check out my website:www.slumberpartiesbykarireyes.com it is a wonderful business, and I can train you online no matter where you live. If you have any questions about any of our products, visit my website and send me an email or call me at: 907-209-5540. If you want to have a party and you don’t live in the Juneau, AK area, contact me and I’ll get you set up with someone in your area. Slumber Parties has been the best addition to my life in recent years.
Please give Kari a big round of applause! Thank you for participating Kari!
Now hop on the Rafflecopter Train for your chance to win a prize pack from Slumber Parties by Kari!

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