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I am SO, SO excited about this journey and am hoping that you are too.  My husband was not in the least bit excited about our Paleo journey until he saw a change in me after my first two weeks.  After two months, he is on the same train I am and it is wonderful to have my spouse and best friend reading from the same page of the same book.

How did I find success with a less than supportive spouse the first few weeks?  A few things:

  1. Sheer determination
  2. The desire to be pain free
  3. The NEED to be migraine-free
  4. My desire to have more energy
  5. Those little dresses hanging in my closet
  6. I armed myself with knowledge
  7. The fact that my fat pants were becoming too small



Paleo, primal diet,

I am now on week 9, but these are my 6 week pictures

I’m an out of sight out of mind kinda gal.  If I’m watching TV and see a bowl of ice cream, I crave ice cream, so I go get some from the freezer.  Or if I’m digging in the pantry for a snack for the kids and see a delicious cheese-filled-cracker, I grab a pack and scarf it down.  If I get the hankering for cereal, I grab the cereal because it’s generally in my face and screaming my name.   If I wanted a cookie and didn’t have any cookies, I’d bake some up really quickly and have a freaking BATCH of cookies.

My kids are not 100% Paleo yet but we’re SLOWLY working our way there.  Madilyn insists on having cereal for breakfast and cereal is one of my vices.

When I made the decision to go Paleo, I moved things around in the pantry, threw LOTS of stuff away, and donated even more.  This left my pantry effectively empty.  I moved the kid’s stuff to the very top shelf:  a box of crackers, 2 boxes of cereal, some peanut butter, and Halloween candy.

The rest of the shelves are now stocked with spices and herbs, oils, nuts, nut flours, desiccated coconut, raisins and dates, and my Paleo granola stash.

When I open the pantry looking for something, I don’t see the “products” on the very top shelf, I see my yummy delicious Paleo food.  Most things are housed in my refrigerator or on the counter top in our fruit and veggie basket.

I also found success by making ahead.  When I have a free moment, I make a batch of almond flour, almond butter, some “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Hummus”, or Baba Ganoush.  I also use free moments to chop veggies and store them in Tupperware in my refrigerator so that when the need arises, they are ready when I need them.

I did lots of research on the web, bought Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint”, and tried to find people who were also living the lifestyle.  I think that it is very important to surround yourself with people who are like-minded.  If you can’t find someone in your town, link up on the web!   THAT is what this RESOLUTION : Paleo is all about.  To be connected by people who are in need of achieving the same goals you are, be they weight loss or pain relief.

There will always be naysayers but it is YOUR body, YOUR life, and YOUR lifeSTYLE.

I bought cookbooks which has been the most important factor in all of this.  My first purchase was “Make it Paleo” by Bill Staley and Haley Mason.  It has been invaluable to me.  The recipes are both simple and complex.  There were recipes in there that I was familiar with and could relate to that made me realize that Paleo is not so far estranged from a diet that my endocrinologist put me on several years ago.  I fell in love with Paleo through this cookbook.

My next purchase was Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals”.  I needed more ideas for breakfast and lunch and this book gave me just that.   I LOVE the Primal Hot Cereal.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve missed oatmeal and this “hot cereal” gave me just what I needed in terms of a warm, comforting, morning meal.  I also fell in love with an eggplant & fennel salad.  I make it at least once a week now.

I just got “Paleo Comfort Foods” for Christmas and we are THOROUGHLY enjoying the meals from there too.  There’s a recipe for shrimp & grits.  Need I say more?

There are plenty of other sites that provide recipes online if you are not in a financial position to purchase any cookbooks, and many of these cookbooks are available in e-versions for your Nook, Kindle, or other e-Reader.  That said, I prefer a cookbook over using my computer in the kitchen so many of the dinner menus that I provide will be recipes from these books.  If they are not already on the web, I will not be providing the recipes in order to protect the authors and my own integrity.  My advice to you is to invest in at least one good Paleo Cookbook.

I think that if you stay with us and check in every week, you will find success with Paleo, despite any adversity you may face.

So now for my weekly DINNER MENU:

Saturday:  Fish Tacos from “Paleo Comfort Foods” with Creamed Spinach

Sunday:  Pork Tenderloin PB&J from “Paleo Comfort Foods” with Carrot Timbales from “Paleo Comfort Foods” and a salad with O&V

Monday:  Primal Chili from The Foodie & The Family This will make enough for lunches too!

Tuesday:  Chicken with Hayley’s Marinade from “Make it Paleo”, Haricots Verts (Green beans) with sliced almonds, and Dirty Cauliflower Rice from “Paleo Comfort Foods”.  You can find an alternate recipe for Dirty Cauliflower rice here, at Elena’s Pantry.

Wednesday:  Vidalia Onion Soup from “Paleo Comfort Foods” & Salad with CROUTONS!!!!

Thursday:  Sweetish & Sour Meatballs from The Foodie & The Family, with Roasted Brussels Sprouts from “Make it Paleo” roasted with BACON! (my own little twist)

Friday:   LEFTOVERS!

If you need any lunch  or snack ideas, feel free to reach me via the email form here.  Or you can leave a comment for everyone to see on my Facebook page!

Now, those prizes I’ve been talking about?  Leave me a comment according to the directions in the Rafflecopter, then submit your name in the Rafflecopter to let me know that you left me a comment.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  Good luck to you, and seriously…I’m HERE FOR YOU!

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  63 Responses to “RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1”

  1. great post!! and congrats….you look great!!! keep it up!
    JL recently posted..Site Stats 2011My Profile

  2. I have been leaning towards Paleo the past few months, but really got thrown off during the holidays. I want to feel better about myself, get my hormones balanced (I have a little PPD still lingering), and get my body healthy. I would love it if my husband would join in the journey, but I really don’t see that happening. Hopefully I can get my kids to be mostly Paleo, too (they are 3 and 1).

    • I suffer with PPD too. I’ve noticed that the longer I am Paleo, the better it becomes. I still have bad days and bad moments but I’m working on it.

      I honestly didn’t think that my husband would EVER, EVER, EVER be on board. He’s the most pig headed, junk-food addicted person I’ve met in my LIFE. EVERYTHING healthy was the source of his chronic diarrhea and headaches. He eventually saw how good it was making me feel (and our chiropractor talked it up to him too), and he came on board. It still shocks me when he turns junk food down. I LOVE IT! Good luck with your hubby and family. At the very least, make the decision to do it for yourself and come visit if and when you ever feel weak. :)

  3. I’m in transitioning mode. More and more of our meals are getting there and Make It Paleo has been a big help. I got it and one other Paleo cookbook for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your progress! You look great!

    • Thank you and Congrats for making the transition! I had to go cold turkey but I have a good friend here in Savannah who made a more smooth transition and has found some great success with it. Which other cookbook did you get? Paleo food ROCKS!

  4. i started the paleo lifestyle sometime in september 2011. my husband and five kids are completely on board. we’ve had our mishaps but we’re convicted to remain on this journey. you can read more about my journey her healthandfitnessALLFOR.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for leaving your link! I’m excited to catch up with you and to use your family as inspiration for getting my kids on board. We started October 22, so not too long after you did. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I am starting my paleo journey starting next week after the hubby goes out of the country:) I recently learned that I am gluten and dairy intolerant and I am looking forward to a paleo lifestyle to become healthier:)

    • You will be absolutely amazed at how much better you feel when you start eating Paleo. It will also be easier with your hubby out of the country. Then you’ll have the opportunity to become accustomed to the lifestyle and introduce it to him in an educated and informed way. Thank you for linking up! SO excited to have you aboard!

  6. uffff, where to start I first heard of Paleo back in june 2011, but as hard as I’ve tried I keep on failing to stick to it, my husband hated me for trashing the sugar and flour and pasta from the house, and so in order to keep the peace in my house I gave in and brought back everything I was not supposed to, I need help now I am pregnant and really want to give my family and baby the best, I am in a very tight budget so, I’ll appreciate the ideas,
    Best regards!!!!

    • Hey I just wanted to give you some hope. My husband is not a big paleo fan though he sees the benefits. He just doesn’t want to give up his vices. So I keep pasta in the house, but it’s gluten free. However the arrangement is that I only cook paleo. If you want something that is non paleo you will have to make it yourself. And let me tell you how long the pasta has been sitting in the pantry ;P

      I also keep a loaf of bread in the freezer in case he or the kids decide they want a sandwhich. My husband does bring home ice cream but I just request he bring home only single serving containers that he can finish in one sitting. I don’t want anything left over in the freezer. I also make paleo icecream to avoid this though he doesn’t think it’s as good, but he still eats it.

      So you can have a paleo diet when not everyone else is on board. You just have to set ground rules that work for everyone so that you are getting what you need and he is not feeling deprived and forced into something he’s not ready for.

      Best of luck to you!
      Sommer recently posted..Pork Tenderloin With Cherry SauceMy Profile

      • Oh I also wanted to say that I spend much less eating paleo than I ever did before. I feed our family of 5 on $250 or less a month. I also coupon so it may be worth checking into. Even though there aren’t many coupons for fresh produce and meats you can still get agave, dried fruits, and all your paper products, higiene products etc… for pennies on the dollar which frees up money to spend on your groceries.
        Sommer recently posted..Pork Tenderloin With Cherry SauceMy Profile

        • I spend less now too! I don’t know how on EARTH you do it for $250/month but HOLY WOW! I’ll have to look into coupons for the products that I use. I spend about $150/week for our family of 5. Before Paleo, it was normal for me to spend $200/week on groceries.

        • I also am in awe of your $250 a month. I spend atleast 2x that much and I dont usually buy organic and I never buy grass fed (though I would LOVE to!) and I still feel like I should buy more food and feed the kids more!

          • I rarely buy grass fed too. We just can’t afford it right now, as much as we would like to. I always feel like we should have more food too, especially for my hubby who has lost 30 lbs too and needs to gain weight now.

    • I’m SO sorry that you are having troubles with your hubby and the food! I am a stay at home mom and my husband (The Workaholic) freaked out when I told him what I was doing. I told him that I didn’t care WHAT he ate outside of the house, but that if he had any respect for ME and our family WHATSOEVER, that he wouldn’t sabotage this for me. He has been extremely supportive about it. Have you tried to sit down and have a talk with your husband about how important it is to you to be healthy? I know that I can’t stick with something if “bad foods” are in the house. My husband didn’t understand why but I told him that it’s like a drug to me and I am powerless to resist them. He has slowly come around and is following it himself now. Wanna know what I did? I made him a Primal Coconut Cake and Almond Butter Brownies the week I started. I didn’t feel badly about eating them and he was able to see that if and when he wanted a treat, he could still have one and that they were equally delicious.

      Do your very best and visit often. I’m sure other people here will have similar stories. If you need to talk, please get in touch with me!

  7. I just started my paleo journey with the new year. I have had numerous health problems, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was a duel diagnosis of thyroid cancer AND fibromyalgia. Last year I went gluten and dairy free and it helped, but I still feel like I can be better so here I go……
    I’m thrilled to have found you- 6 days in and I’m doing well, but still wishing for food I can’t have sometimes (my family is NOT paleo) so it really strengthened my resolve to open your page and see those fantastic photos :)
    Thanks for being willing to share your journey- it will be wonderful to be able to visit with someone else doing this- my friends just give me sympathetic nods as they reach for another brownie- not always helpful!

    • WOW!! You’ve had to overcome a lot. I have some friends with fibromyalgia and I am trying to talk them into going Paleo but it seems that grains are more enticing to them than feeling better. I’m hoping that this series will show them that others have overcome the same issues and that they can do it too!! Thanks SO SO SO much for sharing your story!

      My best friend is a health nut and she thinks I’m crazy because her boyfriend is “super studied on nutrition” and swears by whole grains. Meanwhile she has cancer removed from her skin every few months. I wish she’d just give it a try but all I can do is be a positive role model for her. Maybe eventually once I’m skinny again she’ll try it out :)
      Summer recently posted..RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1My Profile

  8. We did a family Whole30 back in September and have been hooked ever since. In fact, DH and I are doing another Whole30 right now and I’ve added the 21 Day Sugar Detox on top of it! The amazing energy that I have when I’m eating Paleo is awesome and better than bread any day. LOL!

    • Lots of people in the Paleo community are doing a Whole30 right now. I was out of town and unplugged and didn’t get it in with the whole group but maybe in March we’ll do that here.

      I sometimes miss slathering a piece of warm bread with butter but not enough to eat it! Thanks for sharing!
      Summer recently posted..RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1My Profile

  9. Looks like you are off to a great head start for the new year. We’ve been eating mostly Paleo for a couple of months now and my thyroid is loving it. I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to post pictures, but now in the new year I’ve started adding in more structured exercise and I can already feel a difference in my energy level less than a week in. (That and I’m back in my Size 6 jeans, which has been a long time coming! :-) )

    To the reader above whose husband was missing the pasta, my kids LOVE when I make a spaghetti squash and load it up with all the stuff they love on pasta, whether it’s spaghetti sauce, pesto, or just tons of butter with salt and garlic and a bit of oregano. It’s a different mouth feel, but it’s still carbs and they will almost inhale it. Another favorite is sweet potatoes sliced thin on the mandoline slicer (or with a knife – I can cut myself either way LOL) and then fried up in bacon fat and/or coconut oil in the cast-iron skillet. Takes a while to fry up two yams, but only 5 minutes for them to be scarfed down completely, by a 6YO and a 10YO. And maybe once a week, cave and make up some pasta for the hubby (you can get gluten-free at least), or maybe some rice, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat it. *wink*
    deb recently posted..Carrots and Sticks: Part the Third: PunishmentMy Profile

    • Haven’t worked up the nerve to post pictures?!?! I insist that you post pictures immediately! Have you seen Stacy of Paleo Parents’ pictures? She did UNDIES PICS!!!! :)

      The sweet potatoes on the mandoline sounds great. I got a mandoline slicer for Christmas and I haven’t used it yet but I can’t wait to! I feed the kids Rice Krispies because they’re gluten free but they’re still eating some bread that isn’t gluten free. I’m trying to do it without their noticing the transition. My daughter is now eating lunch meat without the bread so at least we’re another step in with her. :)

      The hubby is a Workaholic Restaurant Manager so if he wants pasta, he can have it at work. He knows he’s not allowed to complain about his excessive diarrhea when he messes up, though. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! :)

  10. I began my Paleo journey shortly after joining a crossfit gym in September… Those two decisions have been utterly life-changing! I’m now down 30 pounds with only 15 more to go!

    I’m excited to join you on “Resolution: Paleo”!

    • I REALLY want to do Crossfit but there is nobody to watch my kids while I go to the CrossFit gym. I think I’m going to do Mark Sisson’s 21 Day Body Transformation just before Valentine’s Day. I hope to REALLY start seeing results then!
      Summer recently posted..RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1My Profile

  11. Thank you for sharing your success and for suggesting connecting with like-minded Paleos! My husband and I began eating Paleo July of last year with great results.

  12. My oldest daughter and I began eating gluten free three months ago, and just today I have decided that we as a family will begin eating paleo for Lent. That gives me a little over a month to research and plan and get prepared! So, this blog will be one of the resources I will be consulting to help get me ready and stay on track. Thanks!

    • I’ve heard of lots of people going Gluten Free before going Paleo. It seems like a great first step and I’m SO excited that you will be joining me for information on your journey. Let me know if you need any encouragement or specific information!

  13. I’ve been Primal/Paleo since May 2011. I had spent 8 months battling depression, stomach issues, and exhaustion. Cutting out grains and sugars saved my life. Initially it was just me….it took almost 2 months to get my husband on board and 4 months to get the kids…and now we’re a rocking it as a Paleo family of 7!
    Tara recently posted..Sweet(ish) and Sour MeatballsMy Profile

  14. Your on your way! Looking great! My kids still have cereal too . But they don’t eat it with milk, they like it dry which is fine by me. I say, you can’t win them all. Not to mention I am huge couponer so we have like 36 boxes of cereal ;P

    One thing I do to cut down on their cereal consumption though is make muffins. I make banana, cranberry, pineapple muffins they love and then we have pumpkin pie muffins too. All almond flour based and I used the the crushed pineapple and banana for sweetners. They eat them faster than I can make them.

    We also make large batches of banana pancakes and freeze them. They put agave or 100% pure maple syrup on them. We’ve been moving to a 100% paleo diet for the past 90 days and though I was the first to reach it everyone eats what I make inside the house now at all times. But at school/work I can’t control what they have and they do deviate on occassion. Such is life. However they all feel the adverse effect now. Someone had spaghetti at a friends house and ended up in the bathroom for nearly two days! He says, mom i’m never eating that crap again! LOL

    • My hubby feels it when he eats crap food too. He craps his brains out. Ever since we got married, he’d eat veggies and say, “That *insert vegetable name here* made me $#!T my brains out!” I always knew that it wasn’t the veggies and I thought he had a gluten issue but NO. IT WAS THE VEGETABLES! Now that we’re Paleo and he has the opportunity to mess up at work (He’s a restaurant manager), he knows that it’s the grains that do it to him. I feel vindicated. :)

      • my Hubby did the same, but it was dairy he had the issue with. He would always blame the excessive CRAP and beyond horrific smelling gas on anything and every thing else. After 30 days no dairy he had some dairy and had terrible cramping, gas, and lots o crap. Waited a week and tried again, SAME. He had to admit, he is just not able to tollerate dairy. I love being right. Almost as much as I love the better air quality ;)

        • I literally laughed out loud with your “better air quality” line. HILARIOUS! I can TOTALLY relate to you there. The Workaholic’s farts used to be HORRENDOUS. They rarely smell now, THANK GOD. He used to blast me out of my house. And nights were horrible. Forget that sexy smell in the morning. Our room smelled like a freaking paper mill!

  15. Great job, keep up the good work!!! I am in the process of doing research to start a Paleo lifestyle and with you sharing your journey helps me a lot!!

    • Let me know if you need any resources for your research! I did lots of research before starting too and hearing real-life testimonials really helped sway my decision. Then I learned about the science surrounding it and I was convinced. Good luck!

  16. I am interested in starting a Paleo to get rid of my sugar cravings, to get rid of a few lbs and to reduce pain for both my hubby and me. We have an addiction to sugar thats much like a heroin addiction!

  17. I know a few folks it is really working for. I already know that some additives and dairy wreak havok on my body, so I would be curious to see what changes this could make for me.

    • Give it an honest try for a month and see how it goes! If you don’t like it, you can make modifications here or there. Many Paleos limit carbohydrates but I don’t. We eat homemade grain-free granola bars made with honey and fruit with nut butters here. I also serve sweet potato fries and carrots with some regularity and I’m STILL losing weight. I’m here for you, as are many others if you need any support!

  18. Wow, you look great! It’s amazing how quickly you see and feel results with Paleo. Keep it up!

    You’ve got some great meals lined up, too. We love the PB&J pork tenderloin. I haven’t tried the fish tacos from PCF yet – maybe we will soon b/c we love fish tacos, too.
    Sara recently posted..Paleo Dijon Pork ChopsMy Profile

  19. Thanks for all of your info and encouraging words, Summer! We are officially on our way; the gluten, etc is being purged from the shelves and given away and I just bought real food! (Though I thought I was eating ‘real food’ before, I was also eating a lot of processed natural stuff.) Anyway, we are looking forward to controlling our sugar/carb intake, leaning up and feeling our ages! Thanks for your page!

    • You’re welcome! Congrats on the purge!!! It is the most liberating thing in the world to get rid of all the crap in one fell swoop. I’m SO SO excited to have you join!

  20. Im loving this lifestyle and paelo! I feel better already. Im excited about eating great meals and feeling better about me!!!

  21. I have resolved to lose the 25 lbs I “mysteriously” packed on this year! So I would love to take this journey with you!

  22. [...] Without Paleo, I would have been a worthless wreck today.  Thankfully, I was able to take care of my children AND my house in the wake of a less-than-enviable start to my day. [...]

  23. [...] you’re new here, check out RESOLUTION : Paleo week 1 for more [...]

  24. We just started our paleo journey. Definitely need to eat more veggies, and just recently discovered how much i love kale!! its been fun to figure out new ways to make foods delicious and healthy

    • I agree, finding out that I actually love things that I thought I loathed has been so cool. One of my favorite things to eat is an eggplant & fennel salad from Mark Sisson’s “Quick & Easy” cookbook. I thought I hated eggplant but I was wrong!

  25. I’m so excited to obtain the best version of me for me and my family. It amazes me as I read more on this topic how many people around me could benefit from this life style. Summer thank you for being such an inspiration! Not to mention I can’t wait to LGN! ;)

  26. Wow!! Great pics! I like paleo too – but have been struggling with what exercise to do on my own. What are you doing for workouts? Are you a crossfit-er?

  27. I have been in the Paleo/Primal mindset for years. (Started with WAPF) but never stuck to it on a regular basis, just enough to keep feeling good, but never consistant enough to get continuous results. I decided that this year will be the year I jump right in and get soaked! I will be turning 30 (i think…) at the end of August, and that sounds like a great date to set as my goal to lose about 80lbs. Im glad I found your blog! <3 it!

  28. [...] RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1 (bananahammocksandtutus.com) [...]

  29. You’re so inspiring! I’ve been considering trying Paleo for awhile….I just don’t have the confidence in myself that I can do it. I really NEED to. I have about 70-80 pounds to lose, migraines to get rid of, hormones to get in balance…my body is so out of whack that I’ve really been feeling the effects. I had a miscarriage last summer after 3 years of struggling to get pregnant and I know my weight is the problem. Your stories are really inspiring me to finally give it a shot!
    Melissa recently posted..A lesson in perspectiveMy Profile

    • YOU CAN DO IT! Weight might not be your only problem conceiving and keeping a pregnancy. Grains have SO much weight in how your body works, functions, and how it produces hormones. REALLY give Paleo a try. I’ve been told that it helps with infertility. I’d LOVE to hear in a couple of months that you feel great, you’ve lost weight, AND YOU’RE PREGNANT! :)

      • Thanks so much for the encouragement! The infertility is especially frustrating since I had no problems at all conceiving my son. He was a whoops! I know my hormones are definitely a problem and I’d love to get them under control….I think I’m ready to try it. I’d LOVE to be able to come back and tell you all those wonderful things, also! I know my biggest obstacle will be planning….I have SUCH a busy schedule with full time school, my son/hubby, and 2 jobs that convenience is my biggest requirement and will absolutely be my downfall if I don’t plan ahead. I love to cook but have NO time for it! Any suggestions for quick and easy on the go meals?
        Melissa recently posted..A lesson in perspectiveMy Profile

  30. [...] RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1 (bananahammocksandtutus.com) [...]

  31. [...] RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1 (bananahammocksandtutus.com) [...]

  32. [...] RESOLUTION : Paleo Week 1 (bananahammocksandtutus.com) [...]

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